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Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program grants benefit Fulton, Marshall, Kosciusko

DNR grants totaling $1,090,800 will be used to improve Indiana’s water bodies. The projects include locations in Fulton and surrounding counties.

The grants were awarded through the Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program in the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife. The grants will fund projects on three lakes and 19 rivers and streams in 18 counties. Projects will be completed within a two-year timeframe.


$8,800 goes to Lake Manitou for water quality monitoring


$36, 000 to Deeds Creek in Kosciusko County for feasibility study


$100, 000 to Walnut Creek in Kosciusko County for watershed land treatment


$32, 000 to Yellow Creek in Marshall County for stream design

The majority of the projects selected address sediment and nutrient inputs into lakes and streams to improve Indiana water quality. Reduction of non-point pollution into Indiana waters helps to ensure continued viability for fish and wildlife as well as recreation opportunities.

Local sponsors apply for LARE assistance and commit to sharing a portion of the total project cost. LARE grants are funded through the LARE fee paid by boat owners annually when they register their boats with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.


Community News