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One-on-one with Brittany Ingle

Last week marked two years since the death of her nine year old daughter Alivia Stahl and six year old twin boys Mason and Xzavier Ingle.  To Brittany Ingle, the tragedy still feels like last week. 



On October 30, 2018 the siblings were three of four children hit by Alyssa Shepherd after she illegally passed their school bus as they were getting ready to board on St Rd 25.


Life before the accident still replays in Brittany’s head to this day as she reminisced about the boys. 



Through therapy and wanting to find some sort of healing, Brittany wanted to turn her family's tragedy into purpose. MAXSTRONG, named for Mason, Alivia and Xzavier, have become the grieving mother’s light at the end of the tunnel. In 2019 the MAXSTRONG school bus safety laws were passed. Her next mission is for it to go nationally, giving her high hopes for the future. 



The journey has been far from easy for the Ingle's, but Brittany refuses to give up. She may never fully heal her family from the traumatizing events that unfolded that October morning, but is thankful for the ongoing support her loved ones and the community continue to give. 


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