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Celebrate Recovering: Fulton County brings hope to the surrounding area

Hope is coming to Rochester, with the upcoming 'Recovery Cafe' at 715 Main Street.


Pat Brown, Executive Director of the Recovery Cafe Fulton County says this nonprofit organization was made to be a safe haven. The cafe will welcome anyone in need that's struggling with not only addiction, but also abuse, loss, PTSD and more. 


Brown was inspired to help others with addiction, after he experienced its devastating effects with his own families struggles. On a quest to find hope for humanity, Brown wanted to offer more help and resources to those struggling in the community. 




Brown says he hopes to have the cafe open by March. 




It's something, he says, isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 




Brown says if all goes well in the future, he has high hopes of also starting a program with the jail, that helps inmates rehabilitate after being released. 



The cafe opened the eyes of the public with an open house February 13.



Anyone wanting to join or help is welcome. 




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