RV industry slowdown; big show in Indy this weekend

The RV industry is facing a slowdown, but Kevin Renfro, who's business puts on the Boat & RV Show in Indianapolis, says RV dealers aren't worried. 


Renfro compared it to how the boat industry took a hit back in 2008.



However, the RV slowdown could mean good news for you.  Renfro says RV dealers have lots of units right now so they’re anxious to make room for the new units.


Eight out of ten RVs are made in Elkhart, making the city the RV Capital of the World.


He says if you are looking to buy new or trade in, the Boat & RV Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds this weekend may be the place to do it. He says a lot of the RV dealers are looking to make deals to make room on their lots.


The 32nd Annual Boat & RV Show is Sept. 27 through Sept. 29. Early bird tickets go on sale this Thursday.

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