Fulton County Sheriff's Dept notes violations during Project SAVE

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office recently participated in Project SAVE (Stop Arm Violation Enforcement) a federally funded project administered by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.


This project ran from August 1 to September 15 and officers who participated ran traffic within school zones along while actually driving the routes that the bus drivers drove.


On August 9 an officer observed a vehicle travel through a “bus only” zone, The officer stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver for Operating While Intoxicated. 


There were six officers who participated and they drove a combined total of 381 miles while participating in this project. 


There were 23 traffic tickets written along with 36 written warnings.  There was one actual stop arm violation, one seat belt violation, a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated arrest and 16 violations for speeding along with other traffic violations. 

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