Warsaw elementary school discovers, ends fight club

The long-running quote from the 1999 Brad Pitt, Ed Norton movie Fight Club is about how you don’t talk about Fight Club.  An area school not only had to talk about it, the school had to shut one down at the elementary level.


Warsaw school officials reported stopping a fight club at an elementary school.  Fights were being held in the bathroom and videos were posted on social media.


The school system issued the following statement:


On Tuesday, November 5, a teacher at Lincoln Elementary contacted administration and the school resource about students fighting in the restroom. It was later determined that the students had created a “fight club: that they were posting on social media.  Immediately, local law enforcement partnered with school administrators to contact families and put an end to the inappropriate behavior.


Students were disciplined in accordance with the student handbook and parents were involved.  Ongoing efforts will ensure that this type of inappropriate behavior does not continue.  This will be a priority of school administration and local authorities.


A law enforcement investigation is ongoing.  Although social media posts are ongoing regarding the incident we would like to assure the public that the matter was handled as soon as the behavior was brought to light.

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