Board of Public Works Meeting

The Board of Public Works and Safety meeting last night started promptly at 5:00 with the approval of minutes from the previous meeting, this was followed by the discussion of Bill Rogers and the allowance of him to have a temporary moving pod at his residence come mid March.

The big discussion of the night came from an individual voicing his concern over the sewer tap fees assessed to him on his property and the three houses he had been building. Two of the houses were built before the rates were raised as for the third one the application process had not been completed under the old rates. The Council decided that the third house will have to pay the new rates.


New flooring on the way for City Hall as well as the Police Department the quotes were originally going to be done in pieces however the council is hopeful  that instead of it being done in pieces it can be a complete overhaul done at once and in a timely manner.


The Times Theater was brought to the attention of the Council as well in terms of the water issues the building is dealing with. An issue on the roof has led to an accumulation of water in the basement, the number thrown out for just how much water was around 2,000 gallons.


The next Board of Public Works and Safety meeting is scheduled for January 30 at 5 in the evening at the Rochester City Building Complex.


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