Woman charged in death of Rochester man

A Fulton County woman has been charged with Level 1 – Felony dealing in a controlled substance resulting in death.


Abagaile Robinson, 21, of Rochester, was arrested Monday and held initially on a $75, 000 surety bond.


On May 31, Fulton County Dispatch sent authorities to 151 W 550 N, Rochester.  Lifesaving measures were performed on Elijah Miller, 35, at the scene.  Fulton County deputies administered three doses of Nalaxone.  Miller would later be pronounced dead at Woodlawn Hospital.


Robinson explained in an interview on June 3 that she and Miller were in a relationship and that both had a substance abuse history.


The probable cause affidavit states that Robinson told deputies that they had been out that afternoon on a drive to South Bend for ice cream and stopped on the way back at Casey’s Gas in Argos.  Robinson said Miller was inside the gas station for several minutes and then she had to pull over the car on the way home as Miller became sick.  Surveillance video shows Miller was in the store approximately seven minutes.


The detective states in the affidavit that Robinson denied knowledge of purchasing anything while at the gas station.


During a search of data extracted from Miller’s cell phone, specifically in the SMS messages, the affidavit it shows messages that identify the user as "Abby".  The investigating detective states in the affidavit that throughout the entire conversation it is apparent Abby is traveling to South Bend to purchase narcotics. Whoever Abby purchased the narcotics with descriptions of  wanting to purchase "50 worth", "Half" and further stating "Something good". It shows the transaction was completed at about 7:38 pm when the source tells Abby to go to the side door.

Miller’s family says he had been sweaty and not felt well that day but otherwise was normal.  The affidavit states deputies didn’t uncover anything illegal or suspicious at the home when they searched after the medical run.

Miller was also charged with Level 6 – Felony of possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug.

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