School board approves Rochester re-opening plans

The Rochester School Board approved several measures leading to the planned reopening of school buildings for the upcoming school year.


Superintendent Jana Vance says you can read the school’s reopening policy documents and more on the school corporation’s website.  Vance says interaction with the public, local health leaders and more helped form the plan which will remain fluid understanding that change may be needed.



There are several layers to the protocol.  Use of masks, transportation, athletics, just to name a few.


First, who wears masks and when.



How transportation will be handled.



Lunchroom seating will be assigned.



As for the classroom, social distancing will be recognized.



For those who are not yet comfortable attending class in the school building Vance says there will be virtual learning available.



To athletics, the IHSAA has already outlined its plan for a return to sports this fall.



As for games, we’ve already heard talk of pro sports returning to no spectators.  Spectators at high school events remain a talking point at this time.



The superintendent notes that information is available on the school’s website.  They also plan to create a type of alert system for constant monitoring of the situation as the year goes on.



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