Recap of last week's Fulton County 4-H Fair

The 2020 Fulton County 4H Fair was anything but ordinary, like everything else during the pandemic. 

Despite the obstacles, Fulton County 4-H Youth Development Educator Amber Barks and Fulton County Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator Mark Kepler say, everyone pulled thru to make the best of things during the four day fair week. 

The key words for the week being resilience and adaption. 



Many counties across the state opted for virtual fairs, but the Fulton County 4-H council decided that if they were able to do it safely, following guidelines and restrictions, they wanted to give it a go, giving the 4-H kids the spotlight they deserved.  



RTC, who recorded every show this year during the fair, made it easier to practice social distancing.


"For those adverse to the heat, watching online was even better," said Barks. They also plan to showcase more of the building projects later to the public. 


A modified version of the Indiana State Fair will be held in August on the State Fairgrounds, but with limited attendance and showing. 



Both Barks and Kepler remain optimistic about the uncertain future and what it holds for the Fulton County 4-H, but have plans to keep everything running as 'normal' as they can. 









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