Rochester Community Schools choose E-Learning

Due to the recent activities of students attending end-of-summer celebrations, and a number of exposures to persons testing positive for COVID 19 there and during travels, the Rochester Schools have decided, in cooperation with the Fulton County Health Department, to suspend in-class teaching and to use e-learning for all classes until at least August 24, 2020. All athletic practices and games are suspended for the same period. The weight facility is closed. 


The e-learning devices may be picked up for students by parents at the student's school building as follows:


Tuesday 8-4-20 from 12:00-4:00

Wednesday 8-5-20 from 7:00-4:00


Thursday 8-6-20 classes start on E-Learning.

If all goes well we expect to return to in-class learning on Aug. 24. If possible fall sports practices will begin that day. 


The school board, administrators, and staff have worked hard to make in-class learning possible, but the actions of a few have prevented that for the 85% of students who planned to have in-class instruction. 


The Fulton County Health Department has been very helpful through this process. We ask the community to carefully follow the guidelines of the Health Department and the CDC by wearing masks in public places, and by maintaining social distances.  Please allow us to educate your children, by cooperating. 

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