Witness says he reported conspiracy to Rochester Police because he believed it could happen

The probable cause affidavit detailing the investigation and subsequent arrests of John Lawrence Shultz and Donald Victor Robin for conspiracy to commit murder includes reference after reference to Columbine, shooting kids at Rochester and Caston schools, guns and narcotics.


Schultz, 18, and Robin, 17, were arrested Friday, July 31, after a nearly two week investigation.  Both are former students in the Rochester school system.  Rochester Police report and officer was approached by someone he knew that was friendly with both of the suspects.  The witness stated that the suspects have a bunch of guns and are waiting for school to open-to "kill a bunch of kids".  The witness told the officer that he would not have come to see him if they "did not believe he [Johnny] was capable of doing it". They stated, "I really think he's gonna do it.”


Schultz does not currently attend the Rochester Community School system but is a previous

student. His residence is about 500 feet from Riddle Elementary School.


Police investigated the Facebook pages of both suspects.  On Robin’s they reported that it appears that he is also using a a photo of Dylan Klebold (1999 Columbine reference) shooting a gun.  Klebold was involved in the Columbine shooting.


Other Facebook references in the investigation involve messaging about shooting up schools, what clothes to wear to do so, and who they would like to kill.


It can be seen as noted in this report that on July 15 Schultz and Robin changed their nicknames on Facebook messenger to "VoDKas REVENGE" and "REB's REVENGE". This appears to be a furtherance of the communications between them which directly refers to the Columbine incident of 1999.


Schultz remains at the Fulton County Jail.  Robin, waived to adult court due to the severity of the charges, is being held in a juvenile facility for offenders accused of severe crimes.

A pretrial conference is on the docket for August 31.  The jury trial in the case initially scheduled for January 26. 

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