Covid-19 continues to play havoc with events

The Fulton County Health Department announced that plans provided by the Fulton County Historical Society’s Trail of Courage were disapproved September 4, per Executive Order 20-36.




In another release, the Fulton County Health Department further explained what goes into decisions on holding events at this time:


After careful consideration, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fulton County Health Department has NOT APPROVED ANY EVENTS that do not strictly comply with EXECUTIVE ORDER 20-36. This decision is based on our current conditions, the difficulty of maintaining social distancing, and the Governor’s EXECUTIVE ORDER 20-36 §2(b) (iii)9g) requiring compliance with the approved plan, and other recommended CDC guidelines for large events. The safety of the public was the factor considered foremost in the making of the decision.


The Fulton County Health Department is announcing that no special or seasonal events will be approved unless the plan gives adequate assurance of compliance with the Executive Orders, or until Governor Holcomb rescinds Executive Order 20-02 and the extensions, and releases event restrictions.


No food permits will be issued for non-approved events. 

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