Rochester mom, student frustrated but working thru learning at home and work

As Covid cases continue to rise, the unknown still dangles over nearly all schools across the nation on how the 2020-2021 school year will turn out. 


The climbing number of positive cases in our area within the past few weeks prompted Rochester Community Schools to announce the closing of in-person learning from November 2 to November 16, bringing changes to not only the students but also the parents. 


Single mother and business owner of Chameleon’s Closet, Erin Marden is one of the many parents of Rochester students juggling their professional life and their students' education right now. She says she's one of the lucky ones and can take her son to work, but knows not all parents have that option. 



Being at the shop and managing it nearly by herself six days a week, her seven year old son Layne went from the classroom to the storefront. 



As much as Erin is there to help, it’s still not the same as having his teacher and classmates around.



Even Layne gets frustrated.



Erin knows she’s not the only parent who feels like they’ve been thrown a curve ball with online learning.  Like everyone else in the world, Erin is on the fence about what is right and wrong with closing schools during the pandemic. 






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